Our Organisation's Objective

United Muslim - Our Objectives

Our objectives are:

  • To uphold and promote Islam, the religion of the organisation.
  • To strive for the unity and co-operation of all Muslims, and for the better understanding and goodwill among Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • To provide opportunities for conversations around inter-faith and cross-cultural discussions.
  • To provide cultural competency training to organisations.
  • To represent and enhance the interests of the Muslim community in the Gippsland region.
  • To organise and celebrate festivals and social functions.
  • Endeavour to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims.
  • To establish classes or provide information on available classes for imparting knowledge and reinforcing culture amongst Muslim children and adult females.
  • To provide opportunities for children and youth to develop their identity as Australian muslims through education and recreational activities.
  • To establish and maintain contact with other organisations having similar objectives as those of this organisation.
  • To liaise and co-operate with members, schools, affiliate educational institutions, educational projects, Victoria Police and any other similar organisation with a similar objective to enhance social cohesion.
  • To raise and operate funds required for the activities and facilities of the association.
  • To raise funds to support charities favoured by the organisation.
  • To promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • To create opportunities that will educate, empower and energise women that will result in increased self-confidence, increased avenues to earn an income thereby building their resilience and contributions to society.
  • To be a go-to community organisation for information or feedback from the muslim community as it relates to current issues.
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